Cooking a Healthy Recovery Run Feast

Cooking a Healthy Recovery Run Feast

I know I’ve mentioned the weather too much, but I just can’t believe we’ve been having temperatures in the 70s in late August in Atlanta! It has encouraged me to take anything I can outside. So on Saturday evening, I brought my hammock to Piedmont Park and (after biking around the whole park) I found the perfect spot to hang between two trees. It was shaded and there was a slight breeze. I read my Kindle for a good two hours, pausing only to look up and see people walking by and pointing at me. Evidently, they’ve never seen a hammock before at Piedmont? Who knows, maybe I’ll start a trend!

On Sunday, my favorite run store/group Highland Runners, organized a trail run at Unicoi State Park, just North of Helen, GA.

Sometimes you just gotta stick your head out the window!

Sometimes you just gotta stick your head out the window!

Merrell sponsored the run, offering demos of their Barefoot Trail Run Ascend Glove- it felt great on the trails. Definitely more lightweight and less cushioning than my Brooks Cadence, which I am currently running. The Merrell’s had a zero drop. These shoes were made for trails, so on the last section of the run where we were on the road, it didn’t feel supportive enough for me. It is hard to tell if my feet, ankles and calves are sore from the shoes or the 7 mile trail run… we had varying up and down terrain and had to dodge roots, jump over trees and cross creeks.

Anna Ruby Falls … pre run

Trail runners… a crazy bunch

After the run, they raffled off a pair of shoes… guess who won? ME! Good thing I demoed the shoes, however like most girls I am all about color of shoes (I really should know better that functionality is more important though!) I chose the Barefoot Run Bare Access Arch 2 which offers a minimal amount of cushioning. The inside of the shoe is a lot less padded than other types of shoes I’ve worn, which makes them a little loose for my narrow feet. I am planning on wearing them for strength training and day-to-day until I feel comfortable hitting the road with them.

Demo shoes- Merrell Ascend Glove

Demo shoes- Merrell Trail Run Ascend Glove

On Tuesday, I volunteered to cook for Highland Runner’s “End of the Month Feast.” I wanted to serve something to the run group that would provide a healthy balanced source of protein, carbs and whole foods. I made a Teriyaki Ginger marinated chicken with steamed vegetables and rice. Below is the recipe for the Teriyaki Ginger Marinade, inspired by Vitamix.

runners digging into my “catered” meal



3/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce (1 bottle, 180ml)
1/4 cup rice vinegar
2 tablespoons sesame oil
1 medium orange, peeled
1 lime, peeled
2 tablespoons honey
1 garlic clove, minced
2 teaspoons chopped fresh ginger
1/3 cup brown sugar

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender (Vitamix) or food processor and run on high until sugar is dissolved.

I marinated the chicken for 2 hours before baking in a 375 degree oven.
It depends on how you prep your chicken for the length of time- if you leave the chicken breasts whole, bake time is 30-40 minutes, while chunks of chicken will be 20 minutes.
This would be a great marinade to grill with, the longer the chicken marinates, the more intense the flavor.


  • meganjanicke on Aug 28, 2013 Reply

    The recipe sounds delicious!

  • Laura Hilger on Aug 28, 2013 Reply

    I have some Merrell gloves, in attempt to strengthen my very narrow, skinny, high arch, wimpy feet! I like them, but I can’t run as far, that is for sure. It has been a slow transition, but I feel like I work more of my body on these shows than I did with any others. I also feel like my feet are getting stronger so for someone like me who isn’t into long distance running, but wants to improve her technique, I’m feeling good about my progress. Glad you won, and hope the fun runs continue!

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